HARU ハル Okhotsk Tourism Magazine

Be as it is

Every day in search of a peaceful time and the place to escape the hustle and bustle of people visiting the village.

Since there is a "natural" that does not require any change, you will be relieved to leave yourself there.

The village is a warm and gentle place.

If the village is where humans and nature meet,

The nature of Okhotsk still has an area that surpasses human intentions.

The village of Okhotsk may be a more vibrant place.

The dull sky in midwinter hides the light and eliminates the color. The blowing wind and the soaring snow stop the movement of living things.

Satisfied with accepting all the natural things that we have prepared, nature brings spring to the village of Okhotsk.

The surface of the water that reflects the glittering sunlight through the trees,

Flowers that bloom all at once,

Birds singing around the trees,

Parents and children of Higuma playing in the forest.

It is natural that it is not convenient for people to be in the village of Okhotsk. Being Natural,

It is the bliss that comes from being non-human and being involved in it.

Responsibility / Shinichi Chonan

Photo courtesy of Tetsuya Kurosawa

Cover photo: Mr. Kurosawa (Okoppe Town) during wood carving work

People in OKHOTSK

People who live in Okhotsk. Stories about their activities and thoughts.


Junpei and Ryoko Igoda 

We hunt, we tan,

We create

What is tanning? The leather wallets, smartphone cases, business card holders, and bags that we use every day are tanned. According to the dictionary, "It is a tanning technique that removes unnecessary proteins and fats from the rawhide of animals and treats them with chemicals to make them durable, heat-resistant, and flexible."


Tomoko KIshiyama

With the slogan "Let's make everyone's garden together"

The private rose garden "Miharashinooka Rose Garden" is located just below the Monbetsu Mombetsu Ooyama Ski Resort, which is known as a ski resort where you can see drift ice. It is already the 8th season since the pre-opening in 2014. Starting with the simple question "Why is there no famous flower spot in ...


Tetsuya Kurosawa

This is the norm, so don't leave here

About 20km from the town of Okoppe, Tetsuya Kurosawa's home and workshop is located at the far end of the Asahi district (formerly Otappe district). Mr. Kurosawa makes a "carving" = wood carving work here with the motif of wild birds and fish. On the side of the house, the Otappe River slowly flows through the forest from Mt.


The three terroir people introduced in this magazine

Introducing what we are working on based on the original experience that we felt in Okhotsk, and the original scenery that leads to our activities



Breathing of nature's activities in a quiet forest

Originating from the Kitami Mountains, which is a watershed with the Sea of Japan, many rivers, lakes and wetlands form terrain within a distance of only 40 to 50 km to the coast, creating various terroirs in the "Nishimon" area. The Otappe River that flows at the foot of Mt. Yamame trout and chars live under the glittering and beautiful water surface that reflects the sunlight through the forest, and kingfishers come to aim for them. The sound of a kingfisher jumping into the river makes the quiet forest tense for a moment.

Otappe river

Address: Okoppe Town Asahi

Site with photos taken by Mr. Kurosawa, including the Otappe River


Nishi Okoppe

For you, the leather work made with great care

It is a local special product created by Yoshiko Igoda's strong desire to utilize the deer leather that she has caught in this magazine. Mr. and Mrs. Igoda also hunt themselves and complete all the processes from the procurement of raw materials to the production of products in the village. All handmade tannin tanning work takes a month to tan one piece. Please take it in your hand and experience the goodness of genuine leather. There is no doubt that it will be an important item that you want to carry every day.

Nishiokoppe Deer Leather

Click here for Nishiokoppe Deer Leather initiatives


Nishiokoppe Deer Leather.jpg


Let's make everyone's garden together

"Beauty Harashi no Oka Rose Garden" opened in 2015. A private rose garden that was established from the thought of Mr. Kishiyama (P3), the chairman of the NPO Rosa Lugosa, the management organization, "Why is there no famous flower spot in Monbetsu?" About 600 roses of more than 150 species bloom beautifully every season, and the park is open every day in the summer.

Miharashino oka Rose Garden

Address: Under the bypass parking lot, 4-chome, Oyama-cho, Monbetsu-shi

Opening period: Spring-Autumn

Fee: Free

Contact: 090-5221-6416

Okhotsk tourist information

~ Omu Travel Experience Plan ~

"Memorial aerial photography plan" & "Sunrise Cape Sunset Yoga"

[Memorial aerial photography plan] Drone photography with the scenery of Cape Hinode in the background! [Option extra charge: Printing / CD writing (high image quality)]

[Hinode Misaki Sunset Yoga] Refresh the tiredness of your trip! Slowly and comfortably at your own pace ◎ [Soba tea service]


Date / Time / Reservation required Place / Omu Town Hinode Misaki Area & Hotel Hinode Misaki Plan Price / [Aerial photography plan] 1,500 yen (other options), [Sunset yoga] 1,500 yen (1 hour)

Inquiries / Omu Town Tourism Association (Omu Travel Club) ☎0158-85-7234

A cute sika deer welcomes you

"Nishiokoppe Village Deer Ranch Park"

Nishiokoppe Village Deer Ranch Park is a guest ranch park with a fence of about 7 hectares of grassland. A lovely herd of sika deer welcomes visitors. You can buy food and experience feeding, so you can observe the sika deer up close.



Business date / no regular holidays, open 24 hours

Address / Nakamo, Nishiokoppe-mura, Monbetsu-gun, Hokkaido

Inquiries / Shinichi Nakahara, Representative of Okoppe Village Deer Study Group


Look at the drift ice in Giza! Touch! learn!

"Hokkaido Prefectural Okhotsk Drift Ice Science Center GIZA"

From April, the -20 ℃ severe cold experience room will be reopened. Don't miss the drift ice aquarium where you can see the ice-pickled seafood of the Sea of Okhotsk and more than 500 clionidae! At the 360-degree dome theater, you can also experience the powerful nature of Okhotsk.


Opening Hours / 9: 00-17: 00 Closed the day after Mondays and public holidays

Address / 11 Motomonbetsu, Monbetsu City

Admission / Admission + Theater 750 yen (High / Large 250 yen), Admission only 450 yen (High / Large 150 yen), Free for junior high school students and younger

Inquiries / ☎0158-23-5400

Approximately 4,500 fireworks color the night sky of Okoppe Town "Okoppe Summer Festival"

The Okoppe Summer Festival is held every year on Saturdays and Sundays of the first week of August. Approximately 4,500 fireworks on the eve of the festival attracted attention, and approximately 4,000 people visited in 2019. In addition, store openings, lottery, band performances for general applications, performance shows, etc. are also popular.


Held / August 7, 2021 (16: 00-21: 00), 8th (10: 00-14: 00)

Venue / Roadside Station Okoppe Any Joypark

Inquiries / Okoppe Summer Festival Executive Committee


Let's dive into the usual life of Takinoue Town!

Farm night sightseeing "Takinouetaiken"

"Forest experience" where you can experience the blessings of the forest, "COW March" where you can return to the barn with grazing cows, "Fly fishing experience" where you spend time in the clear stream, etc. It is "Takinouetaiken".


Held / year-round

Venue / Takinoe Town

Inquiries / Takinoe Town Agricultural Tourism Community Development Council (within the Tourism Association)


look! Learning! have fun! Okhotsk

"Ice Sea Observation Tower Okhotsk Tower"

Japan's largest and world's first ice-sea observatory tower built in the sea about 1 km from the shore. The submarine floor is a cave-style mini aquarium with a floor of -8m, where seafood representing Okhotsk is displayed. It is a complex facility that you can enjoy offshore, such as the observation room on the 3rd floor and the video exhibition on the 2nd floor.


Business hours / 10: 00-16: 00 (Last admission 15:30) * There is a special nighttime business on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in the summer (confirmation required)

Address / No. 1 Kaiyokoen, Monbetsu City Public water surface

Admission / Adults 800 yen, Children 400 yen

Inquiries / ☎0158-24-8000

An unexplored region in the depths of the forest where you can wash your heart

"Panke Waterfall"

Panke Waterfall in Utsu, Okoppe Town flows in two steps from a height of about 10 meters, and finally flows down as a direct waterfall. The waterfall, surrounded by greenery, makes you feel refreshed. * It is necessary to register in the forest entry notification book at the gate entrance.


Vehicle passable period / May-October (no winter pass)

Place / Utsu, Okoppe Town

Inquiries / Hokkaido Okhotsk General Promotion Bureau Western Forest Office



The charm of Takinoue is condensed tightly!

"Takinoue Marche"

A large collection of good things from Takinoue! This event is held for two days each in spring and autumn. In the spring, foods from local restaurants and freshly picked wild plants are lined up, and in the fall, local foods such as corn and potatoes from Takinoue are lined up.



Held / Held for 2 days each on holidays in early May and mid-September

Venue: Asahimachi, Takinoe-cho, Monbetsu-gun Roadside Station Kaori no Sato Takinoue

Inquiries / (one company) Takinoe Town Tourism Association


The only flower garden by the sea that colors summer

"Okhotz Clavender Field"

The only lavender field along the Sea of Okhotsk. 4 varieties, 12,000 trees, mainly "dark purple" are planted. There are also rare species of "white" and "pink" that are loved by many people! The "cutting experience" that provides materials such as potpourri to local people is also popular.


Opening period / late April-late October

Opening hours / 9: 00-17: 00

Best time to see / early July-early August

Admission / free

Inquiries / Flower Salon ☎0158-24-6699

From the editor

We were able to issue the third issue of HARU for the first time in about a year and a half. We would like to thank many people for their support and cooperation in issuing this issue as well. Thank you very much. When I thought about what kind of information could be disseminated as "Okhotsk Tourism Magazine", I decided to focus on the reasons for living in Okhotsk and the original experiences and landscapes that lead to my current activities. Things that are naturally in Okhotsk. However, I think that by knowing it through someone's episode, it will look like something special that is not found anywhere else. It's special to someone, but it's something everyone has. I realize that the appeal of the area is endless just because I can share such things. Knowing the area through people rooted in the area will surely enrich your trip. I hope HARU will be the catalyst for "a trip to meet the real Okhotsk".


* HARU means “blessing of food from nature” in the Ainu language.

HARU vol.03

Published March 2021


Issued General Incorporated Association Okhotsk Terror HARU Editorial Department

Issuer Kazuo Furuya, Shinichi Chonan

Editor-in-chief Takuro Nakanishi (Dot Doto, 1988)

Design Misato Suzuki

Edit Daikoku Akari

Interview Nobuyuki Takizawa (Hokkaido Minyu Shimbun Co., Ltd.), Yuko Endo, Shinichi Chonan

Photo Takuro Nakanishi


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