2013 agriculture, commerce and industry cooperation measures support
Matching seminar "Regional food excavation tasting party" holding guidelines

1. 1. Purpose The Okhotsk region of Hokkaido is blessed with a cool climate and natural energy resources, and has a high food supply capacity including agriculture and fisheries. Under these circumstances, preservation of agricultural products and processed foods that actively utilize renewable energy, high added value, and permanent environmental conservation are important regional themes from the perspective of regional development.
We will hold a business matching seminar to discover new ingredients for branding and to collaborate with concrete practical development.

2. 2. Organizer
Okhotsk Terror

3. 3. Date and time Monday, June 24, 2013 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

4. Place Okhotsk shop ・ Address 4-2-6 Saiwaicho, Monbetsu-shi, 094-0005
・ TEL 0158-23-2265

5. Target Agricultural, forestry and fishermen, merchants, processors, inn hotels, restaurants, related organizations Research and government agencies, as well as a wide range of citizens

6. Entry fee
500 yen (material cost)

7. Contents, schedule ○ 18:00 acceptance ○ 18:30 Opening event (speaking from the organizer, schedule explanation)
○ 19:00 Explanation of prototypes and tasting party ・ Explanation of sample foods ・ Start of tasting ・ Announcement of impressions
・ Collection of questionnaire
○ 19:50 Closing remarks ○ 20:00 Closing

8. How to apply for participation ○ Please apply by email or fax to the secretariat or the Okhotsk Terrorist Secretariat by Thursday, June 20th.
* (One company) Okhotsk Terrorist Secretariat 4-2-6 Saiwaicho, Monbetsu City, 094-0005 (One company) Okhotsk Terrorist Secretariat Masakazu Yamanaka e-mail myama@qtabi.com fax 0158-24-2232

(This content was created with the 2013 new business activities, agriculture, commerce and industry cooperation promotion support subsidy)
Agriculture, commerce and industry cooperation business support and promotion

1 Holding study sessions and forums to promote cooperation between agriculture, commerce and industry ・ Producers, consumers, processors, distributors and research institutes for the purpose of fostering businesses through cooperation between agriculture, commerce and industry and popularizing agriculture, commerce and industry cooperation business in the region Agricultural-Commercial-Industry Collaboration Forum will be held in February 2013.
Utilizing the experience and human resources of Okhotsk Terror, we will hold three seminars for consumers and three seminars for producers and processors for the purpose of product development and commercialization.

2 Holding of events and exchange projects that also serve as business matching utilizing regional marches and challenge shops In addition to holding regional marches operated by Okhotsk Terror, 5 times, at the challenge shop (COOP Sapporo Bihoro store), our corporation's agriculture Under the leadership of the Commerce and Industry Cooperation Business Promotion Committee, we will hold lectures on marketing and practical sales guidance about twice, and hold consultation meetings on improving product value and further expanding sales channels.
In addition, we will hold exchange meetings, etc. for small and medium-sized enterprises who are interested in agriculture, forestry and fishery products sold at regional marches and challenge shops to promote matching between the two.

3 Product development and marketing courses that make use of Okhotsk's special products, etc. ・ Products tailored to the market for the development of new Okhotsk brand products that make use of Okhotsk's special products and the expansion of profits for the region and businesses In order to support development, we invite experts in product development and distribution as instructors, and hold two workshops on product development, sales channels, etc. and study sessions on market-in.

4 Creation of agricultural-commercial-industry collaboration business utilizing the climate and natural energy of Okhotsk ・ Creating an environment that promotes new businesses utilizing the natural elements that support the attractiveness of Okhotsk.
We will work toward the establishment of a universal Okhotsk brand from the added value of primary products that utilize the natural energy of Okhotsk.
Specifically, grain vegetables such as potatoes stored in the ice chamber using snow and ice during the winter season have achieved empirical results such as high sugar content in spring and gained popularity, and the image of Okhotsk's cool nature. Based on the utilization of, we will support the valuation of agricultural products and the efforts for the development, sales and distribution of secondary processed products.
For this reason, this year, in order to determine the high value-added shipment of primary products, we will ask experts to investigate the aging period, etc., and from the development of secondary processed products in collaboration with SMEs and agriculture, forestry and fishery companies, the Okhotsk brand We will hold study sessions, etc. that are repeated with demonstrations with a view to establishment.

5 Creation of new tourism services through collaboration between agriculture, commerce and industry with the theme of rural tourism that fascinates Okhotsk. Make empirical efforts to support the establishment of new stay-type and sustainable Okhotsk tourism.
The Okhotsk area has a unique natural and agricultural and fishing village landscape, and its cool image and space are highly evaluated as tourism resources. In addition, based on the fact that the processing of agricultural products and marine products is also highly evaluated as a resource, by encouraging cooperation between these resources and tourism providers, we will carry out activities to establish tourism suitable for a new Okhotsk. is there. This year, we will make efforts to establish a business while empirically investigating the form of tourism, such as cooperation of tourism resources and cooperation with providers, as well as whether farmers and fishermen can become tourism providers themselves.
Specifically, we will empirically work on the provision of tourism by the farmers themselves, the cooperation between existing tourism providers such as hotels and inns and the agriculture and fishery companies, and the cooperation between the tourism companies outside the region and the agriculture and fishermen, and new tourism activities. We will promote empirical efforts through study groups and model cases that utilize experts to form new tourism that will enable the establishment of lines and a new regional tourism economy.

6 Establishment of consultation desk and implementation of enlightenment business [Opening of consultation desk for cooperation support for agriculture, commerce and industry]
・ We will establish a consultation desk for new product development, sales promotion, distribution, etc. in our agricultural, commercial and industrial cooperation business promotion committee, and contribute to enlightenment of new businesses. In addition to opening a permanent consultation desk for new product development and collaboration, we also offer exchanges and matching consultations when the Marche is held.