Okhotsk Terror Symposium 2016 in Monbetsu

Toki February 22 (Monday) 13: 30-
Tokoro Monbetsu City Hall

■ Reception 13:00
■ Opening 13:30
■ Greetings from the organizer Mamoru Kawasuji (one company) Okhotsk CEO

[Okhotsk Symposium]
■ Keynote speech 13: 40-14: 40
"Current status and issues of regional revitalization-Regarding wide-area tourism organization DMO, etc.-"
Mr. Keisuke Murakami (Cabinet Secretariat Town / People / Work Creation Headquarters Secretariat Counselor, Cabinet Office Regional Revitalization Promotion Office Counselor)
1990 Joined the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
In charge of IT policy (e-Japan strategy planning, IT and copyright, government procurement system reform, e-government construction, IT coordinator system launch, etc.) for about 10 years from 1995. After that, after being in charge of drafting the national energy strategy and assessing and managing the budget of the whole ministry, from 2007, the chief of the media content section launched the Cool Japan strategy, and from 2008, the chief of the Global Environmental Measures Office, global warming. In charge of renewable energy policy in international negotiations (COP15, COP16, etc.) and New Energy Countermeasures Section Chief since 2011.
In July 2014, he was appointed Chief of the Research Division, Economic and Industrial Policy Bureau, and from October 2014, he was appointed as the Secretariat of the Town, People, and Work Creation Headquarters of the Cabinet Secretariat, and the Counselor of the Regional Revitalization Promotion Office of the Cabinet Office. Engaged in efforts for regional revitalization, including drafting a comprehensive strategy for town, people, and work revitalization, and executing grant projects provided for emergency economic measures.


■ Okhotsk Terrorism Activity Report 14:50
■ General discussion 15:10
"About the wide area tourism organization DMO"
Progress: Mr. Kuniyuki Kobayashi (Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Agriculture, Hokkaido University (Director, Okhotsk Terror))
■ Agricultural-Commercial-Industry Collaboration Support Project Activity Report 17:20
Reporter: Mr. Satoshi Ogiwara (Okhotsk Terror War Planning and Steering Committee)
■ Closing 17:50