Okhotsk Terror Symposium 2014 in Monbetsu

Aiming to create a new platform for regional development in Okhotsk

Held under the theme of "More Okhotsk. I'm fascinated, the bottom of Okhotsk!"

The Okhotsk Terrorism Symposium, which is celebrating its 5th anniversary, was held for two days on February 15th and 16th at Monbetsu City as a sponsorship project of the "29th Northern Region International Symposium".
The theme of this time is "More Okhotsk. I will fascinate you, the bottom of Okhotsk!" The first day will be the "Okhotsk Terror Forum" at the Monbetsu City Cultural Center, and the second day will be the Civic Center. "Okhotsk Agricultural-Commercial-Industry Collaboration Support Business Matching Seminar" was held in Japan.
* * *
With more than 100 participants in the forum on the first day, the venue will be full, and "creating a collaborative mechanism for creating a new platform for regional development" and "the future of food and tourism that will enhance the value of Okhotsk" Actively exchanged opinions and made concrete proposals.
At the opening event, following the greetings from the organizer of Representative Director Hiroshi Oguro, Mr. Kazuhiro Sawada, Director of Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and Mr. Yoshikazu Miyakawa, Mayor of Monbetsu, gave greetings. He strongly expressed his expectations for the importance and possibility of sharing and disseminating the value of the environment and the environment throughout the region and linking it to regional development, as well as the role played by Okhotsk Terror, which works to create a system that transcends the public and private sectors. ..
In the first part of the forum, directors Furuya and Kobayashi reported on the activities of Okhotsk Terroir over the past five years and raised issues.
Mr. Furuya commented on "a new form and mechanism of regional collaboration and collaboration," "coexistence of agricultural, mountain and fishing villages and cities," and "passing on to the next generation." A new role was raised as. In addition, Director Kobayashi raised the issue of the need for a platform for creating comprehensive regional blueprints in order to "improve the quality of industry," "improve the quality of the living environment," and "improve the quality of hospitality." ..
* * *
At the second panel forum on the theme of "Food and the future of tourism that enhances the value of Okhotsk," three panelists representing various fields in Okhotsk (Mr. Tomohiro Oe, Chairman of the Okhotsk Tourism Federation, and Mr. Kanno, Chairman of Engaru Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Shinichi, Okhotsk Machimurakai Vice Chairman Hidemi Takahata), Daikoku Representative Director, Kawasuji Representative Director, and five other members, "Potential for New Tourism (Travel over Terrorism)" and "Refining Local Food" The discussion centered on "How to make a comprehensive regional design drawing".
From the panelists
Planning and implementation of tours that actively incorporate food and local culture into packages to support intellectual tourism and landing-type tourism Cooperated with existing activities such as scenic bypass activities to create beautiful road landscapes and environments, and community development Disseminating the appeal of new food and tourism Construction of a platform and information dissemination for the promotion of new food and tourism that transcends public-private studies and local governments Assembling a tourism business peculiar to Okhotsk using a special zone system, etc. The need for high-quality product development and promotion that reflects the local culture. Opinions and concrete proposals such as cooperation for tourism promotion with a sense of scale that makes use of the regional characteristics of Okhotsk are made and lively discussions are held. it was done.
In addition, while evaluating the significance of the activities of Okhotsk Terroir, there was an opinion that "we would like to actively cooperate", while he pointed out the need to raise awareness in the region.
* * *
In the third part, Mr. Yukinori Ouchi, General Manager of Abashiri Development and Construction Department, Hokkaido Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and Mr. Tetsuhiko Ito, Deputy Director of Hokkaido Okhotsk General Promotion Bureau, gave general comments. The need for "support for regional cooperation efforts and promotion of transportation infrastructure development" and "high quality and genuine, selling promotion" and support for future efforts have been raised.

It became a forum to take the first step toward the stage of new regional cooperation that creates the local Chi Ka La.