Okhotsk Agriculture, Commerce and Industry Collaboration Support Business Matching Seminar 2014 in Monbetsu

Okhotsk Ta Ka La and Chi Ka La

On February 16th, a seminar was held at the Monbetsu City Hall as the second day program of the Okhotsk Terror Symposium 2014 in Monbetsu.
The special lecture at the beginning was Mr. Hideaki Oda (former Director of the River Bureau, Ministry of Construction) who is involved in the earthquake disaster reconstruction project at the Hirono Town Hall in Fukushima Prefecture. He gave a lecture entitled "Great East Japan Earthquake and Terroir", but three years after the earthquake, everyone in the disaster area asked "whether or not they can return" and "a sense of unity in the region". What is it? ”, I felt that I was faced with a very heavy task. In addition, Mr. Oda made a proposal to "hold the Olympics of Wisdom in the disaster area" in 2020.
In the first part, "More Okhotsk. Practical Activity Report," five practical examples of initiatives being promoted in various parts of Okhotsk were announced, and in the second part, Buzz Session, "Ta Ka La and Okhotsk in Okhotsk." Opinions were actively exchanged between the presenters and participants under the theme of "No Chi Ka La".
In the practical activity report, the Marche "Okhotsk Marugoto City", which was held for the first time in Abashiri City in July last year, and the "Omu Chamber of Commerce and Industry" promoted in collaboration with the town hall, fishery cooperatives, and agricultural cooperatives. Branding, the potato cooking contest "Jaga Rinpic" by the Engaru-cho Shirataki potato production subcommittee, the issuance and sale of recipe books that won the contest, and the high added value and branding by aging and preserving potatoes, in the land of world natural heritage Shirataki Nature Graduate University Establishment Preparatory Foundation Aiming to Develop New Professional Human Resources University Establishment Movement, Tokyo Agricultural University Okhotsk Campus Develops Leaders of Sixth Industrialization for Adults "Okhotsk Manufacturing / Regional Creation School" Efforts were reported.
I was able to realize that various activities such as re-examining local resources, new regional cooperation and matching, and human resource development to support them are steadily sprouting and being practiced in various parts of the Okhotsk region.
Okhotsk Terror has been certified as an agricultural, commercial and industrial cooperation support group for three years, and we will continue to promote our business so that it can steadily function as a platform for providing information, consultation, and matching.