Tomoko Kishiyama

Tomoko Kishiyama / Born in Bihoro Town in 1947. With my father's transfer, I experienced life in Ikeda Town, Tomakomai City, Monbetsu City as a child, and in Tokyo as a university student. After graduation, live in Monbetsu. Currently, Kitamirai Co., Ltd., which delivers homemade meals made with domestic ingredients to schools and facilities, bears the heavy responsibility of the representative director, while serving as the chairman of the NPO Rosa Lugosa, which was established to create a rose garden. , Focusing on efforts to give affection to the locals.


With the slogan "Let's make everyone's garden together"

The private rose garden "Miharashinooka Rose Garden" is located just below the Monbetsu Mombetsu Ooyama Ski Resort, which is known as a ski resort where you can see drift ice. It is already the 8th season since the pre-opening in 2014. Ms. Tomoko Kishiyama, who started with the simple question "Why is there no famous flower spot in Monbetsu?", Overcame various difficulties with her friends and created a splendid rose garden. He talked about the process leading up to the opening, current issues, and dreams for the future.



The origin is the question "Why isn't it in Monbetsu?"


――― Please tell us about the process leading up to the opening.

Mr. Kishiyama There are many famous flower fields in Hokkaido such as Furano lavender. Takinoue Shibazakura Park and Yubetsu Tulip Park are also popular. However, there was nothing in Monbetsu. I was wondering "why", but one day in 2005, I suddenly realized that "I should do it." I had been touring the rose gardens in Hokkaido for a long time, so I remembered the overwhelming presence of the roses I encountered in various places and thought, "Isn't it possible for people to come to see the garden even if it's small?" When I recruited people with the same feelings in the newspaper, three people contacted me. The first field is the former riverbed of Mobetsu. No matter how much I dug, there were only stones and there was little traffic, so I gave up. Next is next to Komukai Airport. However, it was heavy clay and did not go to the fields, and it lost to the sea breeze in winter and ended in a big failure. And the third thing I found was my current location. By negotiating with the owner's city and setting up an NPO, we were finally able to realize the rose garden we had envisioned. However, the only human resources are our husband and wife and friends of the same age who agreed. Work was limited to holidays and weekday evenings, and it took three years to reach the 15-year grand opening. It is a good memory now that the mayor said at the time of the pre-opening, "I didn't believe I could really do it." The corporate name "Rosa Lugosa" is the scientific name of Hamanasu, a flower of Monbetsu City.


――― I once bred a pony.

Mr. Kishiyama I challenged in 2017 to have many people visit. It gained popularity, but unfortunately I couldn't continue because I escaped once. The seminar by the staff invited from Keisei Rose Garden (Yachiyo City, Chiba Prefecture) was well received. The explanation was concrete and easy to understand, and they answered the questions and anxieties of the participants accurately. Actually, we were also instructed, "It is amazing to grow roses so well even though it is a cold region in Hokkaido. Especially, it was common sense that it is not possible to grow new seedlings by grafting in Hokkaido. This is the only place in Hokkaido that has succeeded in new seedlings. " In the winter of the off-season, we also tried to make Himmeli, which is made by connecting straw with threads to make ornaments. I want you to know that as well.





I'm planning a new thing that will make you happy


――― What is your outlook for the future?

Mr. Kishiyama Currently, there is a movement to redevelop the area from the Okhotsk Forest Park, including the rose garden, to the Oyama summit garden. I am also in the process of envisioning new things that will please many people. We want to think about things that not only enjoy ourselves but also rebuild the area. Last year, young girls of foreign technical intern trainees came to shoot in beautiful clothes even in the corona disaster. Especially on Sundays, I was enthusiastic for hours until I could take a picture I liked. The realization that there was such a demand for rose gardens also prompted me to look at the redevelopment of the garden. On the other hand, low maintenance is an issue in terms of planting. I would like to exchange it for a stock that is as easy as possible. We are getting older and we are worried about how long we can continue. However, in this rose garden, there are flowers with the feeling that they inherited from the person who quit the garden when the child said "I want to make the garden a parking lot", so I can not make it obsolete. I think it's okay to use the help of "community revitalization cooperation teams" coming from the city and "trial living" people who are staying temporarily, or to create a circle where transferees can enjoy gardening. Last year was a year of patience in Corona, so I want to do a lot of things this year. I'm thinking of leaving it to my family (daughter) to go and go.




\ The person who wrote this article /

Nobuyuki Takizawa / Born in Asahikawa. I was impressed by the large ice field of drift ice that I saw in Monbetsu-Omu when I was 14 years old. Lived in Sapporo for 11 years to go on to school and get a job, and moved to Monbetsu in 1999. As a local newspaper reporter, he strives to convey the appeal of the region.